About company


Company “ALKOM-TRANS” founded in March 1992, company is specializing in area of international automobile transportation and shipping. We are active member of the Latvian Association of International Carriers.

In 1998 company obtained right to sell, right to maintain warranty service and service of trucks produced by Misnk Automobile Factory (MAZ), and since 2001 our company become an exclusive dealer for Misnk Automobile Factory (MAZ) in Latvian Republic. In the same year we moved into newly build 1500 m2 technical centre, which is equipped with the most modern equipment for diagnostics and maintanance of majority of makes of trucks and buses, for example such as M.A.N., MERCEDES, and VOLVO.

Our management and employees of the technical centre have all nessesary skills and training for their field of expertiese.

Our Company owns a 12000m2 territory, part of which is used as customs warehouse.

Since Latvian Republic joined European Union, our company together with Misnk Automobile Factory (MAZ) have developed technological documentation in order to carry out assembly of automotive equipment produced by MAZ for the European Union. It is also has been agreed and authorised by government bodies.

Year of 2005 was a new statge for development for our company. ALKOM-TRANS has started cooperation with Czech company called ŠKODA ELECTRIC a.s and it is resulted in presentation of new modern trolleybus Škoda 24Trfor Riga’s residents. Nowdays city of Riga has a fleet of 150 of such trolleybuses. Employees of ALKOM-TRANS are responsible for warranty servising of those trolleybuses.

Trolleybus Škoda 24Tr is designed on a base of the IRISBUS bus, therefore it was logical that our company started cooperation with one of the leading bus manufacturers- company IRISBUS. All assortment of the modern and high quality buses of range from microbuses to international passenger buses are widely represented in Latvia.

In 2009 our cooperation with ŠKODA Corporation expanded in a new direction. ALKOM-TRANS together with ŠKODA TRANSPORTATION has started active promotion of low-floor tram Škoda 15Tin Latvian market. Now, more than 20 luxurious low-floor trams are on Rigas city’s streets. Trams are serviced by specialists employed at ALKOM-TRANS.

In 2018, ALKOM-TRANS begins the production of GALAXY interiors based on N1, N2, M1, M2, M3 vehicle.

Technical center Alkom -Trans has over 10 years of experience as technical base for services.